The First Building Block For Any Python Project

Including “Rightdown“, a Markdown dialect

Installing Base

Base is hosted on PyPi.

Assuming any reasonable Python v3.x environment, install with pip:

$ sudo pip install octobase

The PyPi project is named “octobase” but the package you import is just base:

import base



Base has no required dependencies. That is, a clean python container should be able to install and import base with no non-default libraries.

Currently we derive our own container images from python:3.8-buster, though any Python >= 3.6 on most system architectures should be fine.


The following libraries, if installed, add to our functionality:

  • bleach – needed for utils.StripHtml()
  • django – enables several Django-specific utils
  • numpy – needed for utils.Entropy()
  • pytz – augments utils.ParseTimestamp() to know the local timezone
  • requests – needed for utils.HumannessFromRecaptcha()

Using Base

The Octoboxy Base library has two parts:

1 - Rightdown

Rightdown is a replacement for Python’s standard Markdown library.

2 - everything else

The bulk of Base is a collection of classes and functions that should be useful for many Python or Django projects.

  • enums – better named constants
  • registry – dictionary of object names to objects
  • controllers – third-prong of a “model-view-controller” paradigm
  • testing – our favorite way of doing unit tests
  • utils – large pile of helpful functions, decorators, etc.

TODOwrite docs for utils

Thank You!

Thank you for your interest in our project!

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