Octoboxy is going native! That’s right, we’re making a native iOS app for our next venture.


A Tool for Daily Rhythms

The goal is a lifestyle app. It’s starting out as a way to track what day of the week it is; for a completely custom week that has as many or few days as you want. The month holds as many weeks as you want as well. Want a third cycle displayed next to those? Sure!

Early Screenshot

The current prototype helps us live a 6-week cycle of 5-day weeks.

Our intention is a really nice interface for all your common daily tasks:

  • meditation
  • yoga
  • to-do list
    • integrated with day cycles
  • gratitude journeling

Eventual Goals

We have many, many more features planned.

All functionality in the app will be free, always.

Packs of daily wallpaper art would be available via in-app purchase. (We happen to have rights to a massive collection of professional nature photography to make this work.) Octoboxy server would be fulfilling wallpaper delivery on the back end, of course. Through this way, enthusiastic community members can donate to our cause and get back a small amount of additional value in return.


Truly this is a background project. We’re cramming hard on the feature list for the next version of Octoboxy itself right now. The Musen project gets a little bit of love now and then but not as much as it needs to.

Give us a holler if you have time or resources to throw at our project, would ya? It’ll make things get there faster. :)

Last Update: September 2020

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