What Is Octoboxy?

Python is the programming language of science and engineering.

Django is the standard platform for web apps in Python.

But Django doesn’t go far enough…

Designed For You

You’re a brilliant engineer.

You’ve developed a powerful tool and you’re ready to bring it to the public. You decide a web-app is the way to go. Like many engineers, you’re coding in Python. Like most folks building web-apps in Python, you find your way to the Django Project.

But then you find Django’s account management features are minimal. Their advanced data structures are non-existent. Background processing and asset management are likewise not in-scope on their project, though they are part of yours.

You could track down literally dozens of extensions and 3rd party libraries to build your own cloud around Django.

Or, you could start your project with our cloud-ready framework, that already has it all.

Octoboxy is an app framework on top of Django.

With built-in account management, asset management, replication, e-commerce, and other features, we provide everything you need to make your project into a full, modern, web application.

Our full feature list is pretty intense.

Just on a high level:

  • Assets
    • built-in digital asset management system
  • Background
    • continuous background processing and integrity testing of your data
  • Faces
    • advanced hierarchies of all the pages and views that make up a website
  • Frame
    • sophisticated data structures like taxonomies and soft references
    • plus an API for interacting with them
  • Friends
    • full in-database encryption for your user’s personal identifiable information
  • Trades
    • e-commerce with double-entry book keeping

Octoboxy has over six years of development and is used to solve real problems for real organizations.

Who Uses Octoboxy?

Fiindex: The Found Item Index

Fiindex is the lost and found management system used by Burning Man, an outdoor event of roughly 70,000 attendees that takes place every autumn in the arid desert of northern Nevada. Our software revolutionized the lost and found workflow, cutting wait queues from hundreds of people to only a few.

The Latter Earth

Tales of Latter Earth is an eBook storefront selling immersive fantasy adventures to discerning readers of fine fiction. Our framework automatically assembles entire folders of prose and images into eBooks for all popular e-readers, no matter how often the writer is tinkering with their art.

How Do I Get Started?

The Octoboxy framework is available for your project! Contact us now if you’re ready to get started!

Or if you want to start reading our developer guide, just sign up for a free account right here:

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