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A Yearly Newsletter

creativity is not ownable

ChatGPT is better at answering questions than GOOG is welcome to another roaring episode of my yearly newsletter, vaguely on the subjects of AI, Business, and Art

Modern Economics

Followers are likely expecting this to be my yearly newsletter on recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence.

Logo Parade

Have you ever wondered what it costs for a new brand logo?

Spotify Wins Internet

For any doubters of the Boston Dynamics dancing robots video that dropped over the holidays, let’s start this newsletter by saying that everything they showed us is well within the known capabilities of their motion control tech.

A Survey of the State of AI

Most of a year ago we learned that [Page not found], present tense, not the future tense we hear so much speculation about. No singular news item since has been as revolutionary, but yet industry is never idle. A steady stream of smaller advancements demonstrate that AI is a growing force and more society-bending changes are sure to come. Now, as 2020 kicks off, ...

Market Failures in AI Research

There has been a lot of speculation on whether AIs can be taught ethics and safety. Here at Octoboxy our position is trending towards “no.”

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